Headteacher’s Blog 5th February 2021

I hope everyone continues to stay well. I have seen some parents during the week and a few pupils. Everyone has beenhappy and smiling despite everything.

I attended a Welsh Government information briefing for Head teachers which was extremely informative. They were explaining the Scientific background behind the rationale for the reopening of schools, starting with Foundation Phase. They have obviously been analysing all the information thoroughly. There was lots of positive information which was reassuring for Staff and Parents.

I will be attending a Flintshire meeting on Monday evening. I will be in school during the day, I will dash home to attend this briefing. Flintshire are obviously analysing the local data very carefully. I will get in touch with parents as soon as I have local information and more detail.

It will be so good if we can welcome some if not all pupils into school. School is a very strange place without all its pupils. I love the vibrancy and the busy atmosphere when everyone is together.

In the meantime a big thank you to everyone for the support you have been giving the children, and to the teachers in school for planning such interesting tasks.

We have seen Hub demand increase and all school staff are really working hard to make sure we meet everyone’s needs. A big thank you to everyone. The staff are fantastic at supporting one another as well as pupils!

We continue to appreciate all the support we receive from other organisations. The Diocese have been brilliant at offering effective support. They have recently donated two lovely books with teaching resources to accompany them. Mrs Downes in her capacity as education officer has recorded herself reading the story to support us. I did say that our pupils would love that! She is always so wonderfully creative.

A big thanks to Mrs Cath Yeardley who as Bishop’s Visitor ensures we are first to receive any news or updates from the Diocese.

We are trying virtual parents meetings for the first time. The teaching staff have everything in hand for Monday and Tuesday. I am sure it will be a worthwhile experience for all.