Headteacher’s Blog 29th April 2022

It has been lovely to welcome everyone back into school after the Easter holidays. The Summer term is definitely my favourite and I think many will be the same.

This is the time that we see the benefit of our fantastic outdoor area. Our staff and pupils are so lucky to have this fantastic area to enjoy and learn in.

I love the fact that are starting to move closer to normality and that we can start to enjoy the events that we previously took for granted. I think everyone will be super excited about sports day this year. We have so many exciting things to look forward to with the jubilee celebrations as well.

Newsflash We are also really pleased that our new interactive smart tv’s are in place. We have a wall mounted one in each classroom and a mobile one currently in the Junior Hub. We are really pleased and they have been put to use straightaway! I have just seen Mrs John use it to support the children in thinking of real life examples of them using The Four Purposes from the New Curriculum.

A big thank you to Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Barlow. The Early Years pupils have had a wonderful week. They have loved welcoming Kelyn to join them. They have enjoyed creating and painting their castle. Everyone has enjoyed the sunshine and all the mark making outdoors. A wonderful start to the new term.

Dosbarth Branwen are loving their work on Castles. They completed a Jambord to begin with to find out what the pupils already knew and wanted to find out about ’Life in the Past’. They are so excited about the knights and fire breathing dragons. They have been so animated as they have been planning their adventures. They have still been completing their usual Friday tasks with main emphasis on Reading and their Spelling tests.

It was lovely to see Dosbarth Nant Ddraig back after the Easter break. The children were refreshed and eager to share their stories about the holidays.

As it was a new term, they were able to begin their new topic: Change. As part of this, the children were keen to learn all about dinosaurs for the first half term - looking at the changes from millions of years ago. Mr Hills loved discovering what the children already knew about dinosaurs and what they wanted to learn and I know that the children have shared lots of ideas on what they can do over the next few weeks to find out more. I must say, they seemed very excited!

Unfortunately, the opposition school was unable to make the football match on Wednesday but it was not a lost cause as the children very much enjoyed playing a Nannerch v Nannerch match. It was extremely exciting; finishing 5-4 in the end!

In science, the children explored thermal conductors and insulators. They did this through an investigation to find out which material is the best insulator. It was a pleasure to see them writing their conclusions outdoors in the sun.

Branwen are looking forward to their trip on Tuesday to Explore, don’t forget your packed lunches! It will be a fun day. Have a wonderful long weekend everyone!