Headteacher’s Blog 28th January 2022

A very big thank you to families for their support and understanding this week.

My Nannerch team are fantastic at supporting the school. They have taken on extra responsibilities to cover staff absence.

Unfortunately, Breakfast and After School Club have been impacted this week. The Care Inspectorate Wales won’t let us operate without a Supervisor on site. They won’t even allow Mrs John or I to step in. I do apologise for the inconvenience caused, at least we managed to continue with the Dodgeball.

We have had another busy week in Dosbarth Branwen with a fantastic igloo being built. Mrs Biddle has been extremely creative this week and created a wonderful environment for the learners to explore Our Special World. I love the igloo, it looks so cosy great to cuddle up with a penguin or polar bear.

The Early Years children have been exploring all that God created in 7 days. They have had lots of smiles and lots of fun. Well done Mrs Whitehead for keeping us smiling all week.

Miss Mac has done a super job this week supporting pupils with their fact file planning and completing the habitat areas that the pupils have been researching.

Mrs Whitehead and Mrs John have been on Talk Boost training which will be invaluable to support pupils progression in communication skills. They finish this next Monday. I am looking forward to seeing this in action.

It has been another busy and exciting week for Dosbarth Nant Ddraig. A big thank you to Mr Hills and Mrs Pierce. The children thoroughly enjoyed completing an investigation of the effects of salt in water. It was great practice for their reasoning and logic skills. They were required to plan out their investigation and consider what effects might be had from the different circumstances.

They continued their non-chronological reports, this time on a chosen Welsh celebrity.

In maths, they continued practicing their temperature reading skills, looking at comparing and working out the difference. They then developed their knowledge of mass and weight, reading scales and understanding how to convert between grams and kilograms. Years 5 and 6 used Newton metres and discovered the relationship between newtons and grams.

PE was moved to Friday this week yet the children still had plenty of energy to have extremely competitive games of benchball, with a focus placed on teamwork and organisation. In order to build on the ability to work well together they, in groups, had a fun activity where they created a silent performance of the lifetime of a tree.

This performance was enhanced by their knowledge gained this week from studying and researching into deforestation. They were telling Mr Hills some thought-provoking facts about deforestation. Mr Hills was very impressed with their reasoning and evaluation skills during these lessons.

This week has been the RSPB's Birdwatch Week so the children spent some time outdoors spotting and tallying the different species of birds they could see. Whilst doing this, they played a game of "Guess Who" in Welsh - questioning each other on the features of different rainforest animals to identify "who" their partner had in mind. This was great fun for them as they continued to expand their knowledge and use of Welsh.

A good week for everyone despite staffing challenges. Well done Team Nannerch!