Headteacher’s blog 25th September 2020

We have got to the end of a lovely week with happy smiling children enjoying school life. We are so lucky to be part of a lovely village school.

I had a very busy start to the week, and experienced the Covid testing systems first hand. Thomas my 9-year-old started coughing on Saturday evening and this continued during the night. On Sunday morning we started isolating and tried to book a test. I was convinced that it was as a result of his cold but we couldn’t take a chance. The nearest test available was in Aberystwyth! Such a long way, but we made the journey,the system was efficient and Thomas had a negative result on Tuesday morning and we came out of isolation as a family. I was glad to be able to go to school again rather than having to work remotely.

I was so pleased to be back in school so quickly and only miss a day.I have seen some lovely learning experiences in both settings. Everyone is making super use of all the area around them in school and the outdoors.

Foundation Phase are really taking advantage of all their space for group activities. Mrs John is rotating her little working groups in the hall and Mrs Biddle has been enjoying the classroom space. They have also been completing all their Baseline assessments. Well done teachers for managing so much with a smile.

It has been lovely to see Nursery pupils so settled in the afternoons. They have really enjoyed all the Early Years experiences alongside Reception. Miss Douggie and Mrs Whitehead have been full of smiles, although they are looking a little tired this afternoon.

All of the pupils from Year 1 and above have really enjoyed the Cricket on the Wednesdays, the Chance to Shine is being relished by all. It was the first session this week and we do have some more to come.

I had a lovely treat with the Year 3 and 4 pupils. Miss Roberts was really enjoying teaching the Welsh lesson using the Pod Antur pack - Y Ffair, the Fair on the Whiteboard.

The children were asking me all my personal details – who I was, where I lived, how I was, luckily Miss Roberts moved them on to their topic Welsh before they had chance to ask how old I was! The children were full of enthusiasm for their learning and were really keen to share all they had learnt. They were so enthusiastic about the subject; the Welsh Advisor would certainly be pleased.

Year 5 and 6 have been discussing the many different images of Jesus before sketching their own image. They were very proudly telling me about this. Last week they had been researching the evidence of Jesus’ existence.

In Science they have been learning about Chromatography, my son Owain has been helping. He was glad he had his A level in Chemistry to help with the conclusions to their work.

Friday afternoon meant it was Forest School Fun for Year 5 and 6. They have been making nature stars, using a hitch knot and a reef knot. This has taken all their concentration!

They have also had the opportunity to do some focused sketching using a frame. What a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon.