Headteacher’s Blog 23rd April 2021

It is always lovely being part of Nannerch School. At this time of the year it is even more special. Our Outdoor facilities are wonderful.

This week is Outdoor Learning week but that would be every week here, we have such an engaging environment.

You can see pupils fitness levels increasing all the time as they busily run around engaging with their peers. This is so refreshing after the time spent with online learning.

We have some lovely news to share; some of you may have already heard that Mrs Biddle is now a Nain. She came into school on Monday morning full of smiles and excitement that Ada Rose had arrived into the world. She was beaming this morning as Mum and baby had been allowed home last night, and had a drive by Nannerch for Nain to have a peep.

We have all agreed that she looks absolutely gorgeous. We all wanted to give Mrs Biddle a big hug but we gave her a virtual one instead.

Foundation Phase have had a wonderful week. They are still focusing on Christianity. The Church is in class and can be used as a reflection space but as in all Churches everyone also enjoys their Community time. They have been drawing Churches in chalk outdoors. The class were having a very exciting Friday afternoon visiting the Church. Thank you Mrs John, you planned a lovely activity to end the week. The children were full of smiles.

The Early years pupils have also made the most of outdoor learning week with lots of outdoor mark making, outdoor phonics. Linked to the Church visit they have been writing their own prayer.

The display in Class has started to change with some photographs and information on Buddhism. We are making full use of the resources provided by Mrs Downes in the Diocese.

The Foundation Phase pupils also enjoyed their work on Earth Day with Miss Kubow. Producing some lovely work celebrating the Earth and all the wonderful gifts we have. We had some finger painting of the Earth and some little reflections on all the wonderful things we enjoy.

Key Stage 2 were also following the same example thinking of our impact on the world as part of Earth Day. I could hear them focussing on Sustainability with the well known phrase Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They were reflecting on reducing packaging or reusing it. They were also considering how we could reduce the use of fossil fuel?

They have been continuing their topic of Out of This World and Year 5 and 6 have been doing some guided reading based around the topic. They have produced line graphs in Maths based around information for this subject area.