Headteacher’s Blog 22nd October 2021

Everyone has done really well to keep going and learners have worked really hard this half term. I think they have definitely deserved the Pumpkin party this afternoon. A big thank you to the PTA who have supported behind the scenes as always.

The event has a different feel to discos in the past. Covid risk assessments wouldn’t allow our usual celebrations but we still had a wonderful time. DJ Samuels was brilliant on the decks and joining in with his moves on the dancefloor. Everyone had a great afternoon.

It is such a shame we haven’t been allowed to invite Nercwys pupils as we have done in the past. I am so looking forward to being able to rebuild those links when we are allowed, they were so beneficial for both our small schools. We are really missing the opportunities that this provided for making friends ready for Secondary School.

I had a very good start to the week as I was observing a lesson in Dosbarth Nant Ddraig. I really enjoyed the Maths lesson on Measure. It was good for me to observe the way Mr Samuels used the Hub classroom to allow for differentiation. Miss Williams did a fantastic job of facilitating the independent learning tasks, it was good to see the White Rose Maths programmes. Mr Samuels worked with the other group of pupils and then swapped around. A fantastic lesson to observe and it was great to see everyone engaged with their learning.

The older pupils were really enjoying in their art work this morning. They based their work on ‘The Great Wave’ by Hokusai as it links to Kensuke’s Kingdom.

Forest school finished their topic on Kensuke’s Kingdom, based on survival. Pupils this week were orienteering! A fabulous life skill and it became very competitive with Year 3 winning by 1minute!

The Cookery club made banana muffins, from an old family recipe. These are has passed on to become part of our identity, especially if brought by a refugee from another country.

The Early Years pupils have been thinking about shape. They used lots of shapes to create wonderful decorations for the party. While doing this they have been practicing their cutting skills.

They have been building towers, concentrating on balance to help build them as tall as possible before they crash.

Older Foundation Phase pupils have completed their journey of a Post card and are ready to begin their next genre next term, instructional writing. A great job in maths seeing Year 2 learning their 5 times tables whilst younger pupils were counting in groups of 2 and 3 using spooky spiders! Pumpkin carving went well after planning the different shapes and emotions we could create! We also made our own fidget toys using the pumpkin seeds and learnt a pumpkin song.

Have a lovely half term holiday, deserved by all.Thank you for all your parental feedback, we really appreciate this. We can celebrate the positive comments and any suggestions for improvement can inform our school improvement plan.