Headteacher’s Blog 21st January 2022

Another busy week in School everyone has worked hard and been full of enthusiasm. They have completed some lovely activities and had lots of high-level discussions in both classes. The glow in the dark dodgeball sounded fantastic in After School Club this week!

It was wonderful to welcome Mrs Pierce back into school, everyone really enjoyed seeing her again. She loved her day and was so complimentary about the learners and their enthusiasm and hard work. She has sent me this:

SO exciting to be back with the children. What a great catch up for me. They have so many stories to tell.

We had a lovely story this morning for our class service entitled ‘Marvin Wanted More’ by Joseph Theobald. A funny tale about a sheep

that can’t do things as well as his friends. Orla chose our prayer and we practiced the Lord’s Prayer in Welsh too.

We practiced our estimation skills in Maths. Using prior knowledge, the children guessed the number of objects in a jar. Then increasing

or reducing the objects the children had to guess the number again. We progressed to using mathematical clues to help us find the exact number, reinforcing or adding to their maths vocabulary.

Science this afternoon had its’ starting point from the new class text, ‘Journey to the Riversea’ by Eva Ibbotson and the topic ‘Our

Special World’. Using some information texts, research and video clips the children were able to find out the difference between rivers and

seas, that we can only use a small amount of the world’s water and many other wonderful watery facts.

Finished with mile a day. Lovely day all round.

Thank you Mrs Pierce!

Mr Samuels isn’t in work next week and is being much missed by all. I have told Dosbarth Nant Ddraig that they will have Mrs Pierce on Wednesday and Thursday and Mr Hills for the rest of the week.

Mr Hills loves teaching in Nannerch so he will enjoy next week. He always says that Dosbarth Nant Ddraig are a brilliant class to teach.

The Key Stage 2 staff plan across the Federation so the work will be planned to the same high standard as usual.

Early Years pupils are always so lovely and calm in the afternoon. We are really glad that we have been able to increase Miss Barlow’s time in school to support Mrs Whitehead. They were little stars singing their welcome song in both languages this afternoon. Their Welsh singing was brilliant or rather - Bendigedig!

Year 1 and 2 were working so hard with their spellings, they had written them out beautifully, sounded them out to practice their reading skills and drawn a picture clue. They were also working hard on RM Easimaths and reading to Mrs Biddle.

I enjoyed reading Giraffe’s Can’t Dance while Mrs John was needed as a First Aider. That was such a treat for me as the children were so keen to join in with the story. Thomas was very keen to revisit a programme on the Rainforest- when I popped in later they had obviously finished watching this and there was a detailed discussion going on.

Pupils in Branwen are certainly enjoying their new topic, with Miss Mac they have begun learning all about ‘Creation’ from the Old Testament and have been developing movements in their group dances. The Rainforest cafe is looking splendid too! I think there might be an igloo in the pipeline, watch this space!

Dosbarth Nant Ddraig

It is wonderful having shared planning across the Federation but I get a feeling of Déjà vu sometimes. Lessons happen at different times across the Federation.

I have seen both maths lessons where they studied temperature. They did this in a very interactive way and experimented with water of different temperatures. There was much interest in how a glass of cold water and one of hot would change temperatures in opposite directions to "meet in the middle" at room temperature.

They continued their work on non-chronological reports; gathering information through research and then completing a draft whilst carefully planning which features to include. Once they’d done this they have started to develop their digital skills by designing the “fact file” on Google Slides.

We would appreciate Junior pupils bringing their wellies to school next week for playtimes.

Well done everyone, you all deserve a rest this weekend!