Headteacher’s Blog 1st October 2021

It has been another busy week as we settle into the school year. Many thanks to everyone for being so sensible and supportive with regard to the Covid risk.

We have had an exciting week in school. Although the Staff did not appreciate the excitement yesterday with an impromptu fire practice. You will be pleased to note as parents that the practice event went smoothly with everyone following all the procedures. Mrs John completed a check of the building and rang me to report that everywhere appeared to be safe for everyone to re-enter the school.

There was a slight smell from the boiler room – this turned out to be the boiler reigniting having not been used in the Summer months. We ensured every safety check was done with relevant services.

It was raining outside and Mr Samuels did a wonderful job entertaining using renditions of the Frozen soundtrack! Once pupils were allowed safely back into school we ensured they remained in the hall where safe exits were available. A massive well done to our pupils for remaining calm and listening carefully. We were very proud of all of them.

Foundation Phase continue to work hard with all their work. They have been learning simple Welsh phrases and songs. They loved their materials Science activity.

They have completed all their handwriting and Phonics and they have been exploring why we write post cards as well as how a post card gets delivered. Pupils loved setting up their own post office in their class. The highlight for this week has definitely been big bike day. They all looked so proud bringing their bikes to school looking brilliant with the occasional lop-sided helmet!

As they all congregated with their wheels Mrs John asked them to ring their bells, they made quite a noise.

A brilliant idea Mrs John and fantastic for Health and Wellbeing.

The Nant Ddraig class have had another super week – school is a good place to be. We have all sorts of news this week.

The Learners had a big compliment today as Mrs Yeardley our Bishop’s Visitor and Governor accompanied us to Tremeirchion last week as it was outdoors.

She sent a lovely card complimenting the children on their knowledge, engagement and super behaviour last week.

We have really enjoyed having the Artist in Residence in school. I didn’t find it an easy task completing the application for funding but I am so glad I persevered. That is one thing about the Federation as I applied for both schools and once you have completed the first one the second is much easier.

This was worthwhile as the children have loved working with Liam Higgins the artist. So many pupils have told me that they have enjoyed it and Mrs John has said there have been positive comments on Facebook. Callum was incredibly proud of the tee shirt he had printed.

Liam was so impressed with the pupils’ skills and enthusiasm and he has served as a positive role model for our learners. I was stunned at how many pupils were willing to give up their playtime to extend their sessions.

We look forward to seeing all their work displayed when Liam is able to frame the finished work. Liam was a star as his residency was supposed to finish yesterday. He was interrupted by our fire practice and kindly gave up his time to come in to finish today. We were so sad to say goodbye.

Year 5 and 6 really enjoyed their first aid training this week. A big thank you to Mrs Fowles who organised this across both schools. This makes me feel safer in school as I know my Year 5 and 6 pupils can perform CPR.

Our Year 6 pupils also had the chance to spend time in Maes Garmon. Most of the photos contain photos of pupils but there is one with a Nercwys pupil and I know we are allowed to use his photo. He knows Osian and Rosie and he told me in Nercwys how pleased he was to see them in school.

Year 3 and 4 have also been carrying out measuring investigation of items around the school. Everyone loved the Dodgeball. A couple of Nercwys pupils went to the Aura club last week and really enjoyed it so we will post details.

Thank you Flynn and William representatives from our Playground and Criw Cymraeg committee for organising a charity day next Friday for Young Minds! Hello Yellow it is and we all need to find something yellow to wear!

We are looking forward to Wednesday next week as an exciting film project for the Nannerch Digital Trail is taking place with our junior pupils. A fabulous opportunity. Watch this space!

From a Headteacher’s perspective, I am really pleased with all the practice in school. I can see engaged pupils who are excited about their learning. The teachers have responded to recent training opportunities and this is benefiting our learners. I have enthusiastic pupils who are being supported by School staff and their families.

Mrs Wright has asked that I remind you about the Community Barbecue on Sunday at 12 pm at the Memorial Hall.