Headteacher’s Blog 1st April 2022

Another busy week. A big thank you to everyone for being so vigilant and supportive in monitoring for Covid.

Wellies in the Woods was a great success in again this morning, we missed the warmth from last week. The theme was the story ‘Stickman’ and as you can see from the photos everyone enjoyed themselves.

The Early Years pupils have been really busy this week preparing for Easter. They have been making some Easter Bunnies and of course some carrots to eat. They always enjoy all the activies in school with smiles and laughter every afternoon.

We have had a very productive week in Dosbarth Branwen. The learners have used therir story maps for ‘The Great Pet Sale’ to support them in starting to rewrite their own version of the story in their language books. This process is now a lot easier since they have completed so many activities to support them with the writing process.

They have really enjoyed their ‘egg-cellent’ experiment!

The learners have been investigating which materials would offer the best protection for eggs when they are dropped from a height. As you can imagine they had lots of fun doing this activity and recording results.

They were also lucky enough to have a whole day in Forest Schools. They made some bird nests, they created their own stories. In the afternoon they looked at the lifecycle of a frog. At the end of the session they played some fun games had a a true and false quiz based on the day’s activities.

Everyone has been working on their RM maths. They have also started to add some challenge into their work on time. They have used the white Rose booklets to record their knowledge.

Miss Mac took advantage of the sunshine earlier in the week and everyone went on a walk to collect sticks to create some wonderful Easter cards. They also made a little Easter basket.

A wonderful week was had in Dosbarth Nant y Ddraig. They have been looking at the oceans and it has led to many discussions about the use of plastic. The children looked at structuring a debate, and creating counter-arguments as well as developing their own opinions. It was important for them to grow the ability to be patient with each other and consider different views.

As part of the set-up to this, and to aid their technological and literacy skills, the children designed and wrote their own questionnaires about recycling. They used the knowledge that they had gained from looking at the effects of plastic in the oceans, including research using pictures as stimuli to guide the questions that they wanted to discover the answers to.

As part of their maths, they have been looking at perimeter; culminating in calculating the perimeter of the football pitch and how many times they'd have to run around it to complete a mile.

There has been a very exciting competition set by North Wales Police where the children were asked to design a poster promoting internet safety. There are some very generous prizes on offer so fingers crossed!

After School Club are getting ready for Easter by making an Easter table decoration. They had a wonderful night making a table decoration, Easter egg nest as well as other Easter crafts. They were a super advert for the school as we had a prospective parent visit, our visitors could see what lovely pupils we have in school. Next week they have Junior dodgeball on the Wednesday and an Easter Movie Night on the Friday.