Headteacher’s Blog 19th March 2021

It is so good to have all our pupils back in school. We all feel so much better for having some normality and routine back in our lives.

I am sure some of the pupils were feeling a little anxious and a little overwhelmed on their return. I hope we have successfully managed to reassure them. We are certainly buzzing as a staff to be teaching as usual. I have loved seeing everyone really engaging with being back in school again.

As the pupils have returned, our first consideration has been ensuring Well-being, and re-introducing our classroom routines to try and support learners’ resilience. Flintshire were very supportive of schools adopting this approach.

We are currently assessing our individual pupils’ skills and where we need to focus in the Summer Term. Staff expertise mean this happens on a daily basis whilst teaching and observing our pupils and it is super to see the skills pupils have developed during lockdown and home learning.

We are very lucky that our parents support our pupils and the school so much. As a federation it is important that we now take up the reins of your child’s learning and equally important for you at home to concentrate on home routines and having some fun once again! We will monitor your child’s progress carefully and we are being mindful not to send too much work home as ‘homework’ as pupils are finding a whole day back in school very tiring. Learner stamina will improve with our strong home/school partnership.

As a staff we are also focusing on preparing for the New Curriculum. This is a very exciting time to be working in education. I am really looking forward to this gradual introduction. The New Curriculum very much focuses on the pupil. Professor Donaldson, when we was designing it, was very clear that it needed to be pupil led. We no longer have a prescriptive curriculum which is content driven. We can now focus on the pupil, their interests and their development. We all had update training last week and we will continue to take advantage of any opportunities for our staff to take part in any further training offered.

Miss Roberts is really looking forward to further training on using the Outdoors to support the Curriculum, at the beginning of next term. Mrs Foster in Nercwys is also benefiting from this training alongside a teacher from Whitford school as part of a Small Schools Grant.

Mrs John has designed a simple Wellbeing survey which she has been completing with some of the younger pupils today.

The pupils have had such a lovely week in school. The Early Years pupils have been outdoors thinking about their Welsh colours ‘Lliwiau Cymraeg’. They have loved creating Easter crafts with Mrs Whitehead and Miss Douggie, I wonder if you can work out what the children are making? We hope you get a lovely Easter surprise!

Years 1 and 2 have loved their work on Easter including a visit to the outside of Church to see the Lenten Cross and the Crown of Thorns. The pupils reflected following the visit and had lots of questions to ask Mrs John and Mrs Biddle afterwards.

Years 5 and 6 have had a ball completing a Frog and Toad investigation, much more enjoyable working alongside others.

I am really impressed with their own Mythical Dragons, the quality of writing is fabulous as always.

Lunchtime was great fun for the older pupils today, they were on a fitness drive. We had sit ups, frog jumps, basketball and a massive relay as well as football. I really hope Sports day can happen this year in some form as the pupils had started a training regime already. This is wonderful for restoring fitness levels after Lockdown.

Foundation Phase were also having a lovely time. We are also hoping to make their playground even more exciting. I have better be careful of a spoiler alert!