Headteacher’s blog 18th September 2020

What a lovely week, we are having a very different experience to other schools.

Nannerch school is lovely and calm with near perfect attendance for this week. We have been so lucky to have this time together.

I would like to say a big well done to everyone. I was so proud this morning. Everyone was following guidance and making our school arrival as safe as it could possibly be. Everyone looked as if they were enjoying the extra steps at the start of the day.

The children quickly settled into their classes and after quickly exchanging news and views, they started their learning. I felt the same feeling of pride as I did last Friday morning, I peeped in all the classes,  I was smiling as everyone was engaged and enjoying their learning.

Everyone has certainly made the most of the weather again this week, all the children have been enjoying time in the outdoors which is the safest place to be. It has been lovely to hear the constant chatter and laughter from Foundation Phase and of course the sound of trikes as they whizz across the yard.

The younger pupils are enjoying making use of all the extra space in the hall as well as outdoors. This is supporting their learning and helping to keep them as safe as possible. Mrs John has a super rapport with the pupils alongside good organisational skills. She receives fantastic support from the Foundation Phase team -  which makes for a super learning environment.

I love their latest display ‘Fill my Bucket’, this is being used as a tool to support pupil wellbeing. This is proving successful judging by all the happy faces at playtime. I have seen so many examples of pupils putting the school’s values into action, they can feel very proud of themselves.

The staff have also set out to make an impression – Mrs Biddle and Mrs Bellis have both had very smart new haircuts!

It is Miss Douggie’s birthday today and she looks as lovely as always. She was outdone today though, by William and Gwyn who were wearing birthday badges and big smiles.

Years 3 and 4 were keen to tell me how hard they were working. I had to tell them I already knew as I had been peeping into the class earlier. The children have been investigating structures and finding out how strong they can create one out of fruit and cocktail sticks. We are embracing the New Curriculum, making the learning relevant challenging and enjoyable within the outdoors wherever possible.

Year 5 and 6 have been painting their class rules. In Forest school this morning the focus was Literacy where they were creating Treasure Trove poems – pupils collected items in descending order 5 pine cones, 4 seeds etc. They then used lots of adjectives to write some beautiful poems.

Can I say thank you to those who are trying to support Breakfast and After School Club, they are getting busier slowly. I know it is hard at the moment as so many parents are working from home. We do want to be able to keep this facility and to do that we need to ensure enough income to cover the staffing costs.

We have just been trying to think of ways to increase the number of pupils attending breakfast club. Miss Douggie is currently planning a ‘Wake up and Shake up’ breakfast session and Miss Williams a themed breakfast. I like the sound of the ‘Oooh la la, French themed breakfast’ I love croissants.