Headteacher’s Blog 18th March 2022

Another busy week. A big thank you to everyone for being so vigilant and supportive in monitoring for Covid.

Wellies in the Woods was a great success this morning, the sun shone and everyone enjoyed the Forest Schools activities. Thank you for being so welcoming of the Nercwys families.

Dosbarth Branwen

Another fantastic week in foundation phase! Thank you to Hannah Willis for bringing eggs into school for us to see. It is so exciting to have the incubator in class. watch this space…!

At the beginning of the week we have been practicing lots of skills.

Handwriting - we have been practicing letter formation, cursive and joining for our older learners.

In guided reading children have been developing comprehension based on ‘how to take care of a dog’. A visualisation task asked learners to visualise through drawing a sophisticated paragraph based on the story, The Great Pet Sale! This was tricky!

The True or False activity developed pupils understanding and comprehension based on whether information presented is correct.

Learners are really enjoying our class text, The Great Pet Sale and have drawn and painted their favourite pet.

In Maths and Numeracy we have been looking at finding change in Year 1 and 2 from 10p, 20p, 50p and £1. Reception have worked on coin recognition and we have also enjoyed some active maths games outside which consolidate our learning!

In Cymraeg we have focused on reading the tally chart of favourite animals 'yn Gymraeg' and completing the pictogram or bar chart. Year 2 also answered some questions based on their graph.

PE - Nurs, Rec, Year 1 and Year 2 did PE together this week. Playing small ball games and also listening to commands from the teacher. They also thought for themselves in a colour choosing active game. We finished PE with a game of sleeping lions.

Pupils have used their prior knowledge of poster writing to design and create a poster based on, How to look after a pet. We used ipads and our own prior knowledge to help us with facts.

RE - We are talking about why saying our prayers are important and relating it to Daniel praying to God in the story 'Daniel and the lion'. We will be writing our dinner poems into our busy books and why they are important.

A big thank you to Miss Mac for doing such a good job of supporting the learners in Mrs John’s absence.

Our Schools Committees met on Teams today and they have just asked me if they can hold a wear blue and yellow day to raise funds towards Ukraine Relief efforts, see below. They have also decided to organise a litter pick more locally to look after their locality – their Cynefin.

Dosbarth Nant Ddraig

This week the children have been working on their division in maths. Mr Hills was very impressed to see them completing long division, with the children stretching their minds to successfully learn a difficult but important skill. Mr Hills informs me that the children were overjoyed when they realised that they were able to complete very complicated calculations by following the same procedure.

In their English lessons, they created a "cold write" of a piece of descriptive writing, and have started to look at what features they should include to reach a higher standard. Mr Hills loved the suggestions that they have come up with so far, and is excited to see their progression in their descriptive writing.

The children spent some time reflecting on what they have studied over the last few weeks and how these link into all of the "Four Purposes". They created a Google Form survey, then used this to collaborate and have a word cloud of words that they linked to their learning. It was important for them to reflect and see how their minds are developing through the tasks that they do on a daily basis.

Lots of good thinking in the class this week.

It was special for me to hear positive feedback about the class from Robinwood on how well they support one another. I have a lot of pride in the encouragement, care, and patience that the children have for each other. Da iawn Dosbarth Nant Ddraig.

Our Schools Committees Nannerch and Nercwys, met on Teams today and they have just asked me if they can hold a special day to raise funds towards Ukraine Relief demonstrating that they are Ethically Informed Citizens who share show care and compassion for others.

Dear Mrs Meaden

School council have decided to have a fundraiser to raise money for Ukraine. We want to help those who have had to flee from their country. By asking the pupils of Nannerch school to wear blue and yellow clothes to represent the colours of Ukraine's flag. We suggest that people should bring at least one pound into school. If people don't want to wear blue or yellow clothes, they may wear white clothes to represent peace or just wear their own clothes. We thank you for reading this email.

Your Sincerely

School council