Headteacher’s Blog 17th September 2021

Another week has flown by with parents exclaiming at the school gate that they can’t believe it is Friday. With Mr Samuels saying at the same time that the weeks will only get faster.

We have started to settle into our routines this week following our initial Wellbeing and settling activities.

A big thank you to parents who are supporting us in staying Covid safe. Everyone is being vigilant and going for a test if they have any of the main symptoms. This week we have also had to stay wasp safe and thank you for helping with this. We even had a flying fairy/ pixie visit school this morning, we are obviously the place to be! I couldn’t get an action photo I am afraid.

It has been a delight to walk around the school at the end of a busy week and feel the buzz of learning in both classes.

Pupils are on task and fully engaged in their activities. They are confident and enjoying their tasks and this will support them in achieving their full potential.

Foundation Phase learners made me smile. They were really enjoying using their whiteboards to show their answers to Mrs John and the rest of the group. They looked extremely mature as they were doing this, I did tease them that they were ready to go through to Mr Samuels’ class.They looked very keen and eager to receive their new spelling books. Mrs John explained the task very carefully and I could see them all listening intently. Freddie has been the first foundation phase student to fill his sticker chart and take the walk of fame up to the Junior classroom to collect a medal from Mr Samuels. Mr Samuels was super impressed with him. I wonder who will be next.

I love the learning Wall in the Foundation Phase classroom, this is so interactive. The learners are really enjoying developing this. I couldn’t resist sending a photo to our School Improvement Advisor – as predicted she loved it.

The Early Years pupils have been creating life size replicas of themselves. They have made Mrs Whitehead chuckle with their observation skills. Lila had to have pleats on her dress and Freddie insisted on painting the ‘nike’ symbol on his trainers. These are currently a ‘work in progress’ and next week’s task will be to create their hair. I can’t wait to see the finished products!

I have heard all about Forest School in our junior class with Mrs John. They were ship wrecked and had to work out the main key to survival! Fantastic ideas and the next few weeks sound very exciting.

Key Stage 2 and Mr Samuels are having a very busy week. They have demonstrated excellent teamworking skills in their PE lesson.

The maths lessons were based on consolidating place value skills to help create pictures with their answers.

Individuals have also had proud moments, James has been invested in Beavers and received his scarf and badges.

Matty is our Eco Warrior volunteering to take responsibility for our fruit waste recycling.

Callum has been the schools Health and Safety officer ensuring that all the chairs were stacked correctly at lunchtime and that younger pupils were kept safe from any wasps.

What a good week. One of the Nercwys parents made me aware of some tennis training for teachers. This is so topical at the moment after the achievement of Emma Raducanu last week. Miss McCormick has completed the training alongside Mrs Foster from Nercwys and as a result both schools will receive £250 voucher for tennis resources.

There is another competition that Mrs Fowles has put details on the Facebook site.

Mrs Fowles also entered a school’s competition for a season family ticket for Chester football club and has been successful. We thought we could ask which families are interested in attending and have a draw for each match.

She has also managed to arrange an hour’s first aid training for pupils.

We have an exciting week to look forward to with the Dangerpoint visit for all full time learners on Wednesday. This is always a valuable visit, lots of key safety messages taught in a very visual and interactive manner. On Friday we will be taking older pupils to Tremeirchion for a forest walk with the North Wales Wildlife trust to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. A busy week ahead!