Headteacher’s Blog 17th February 2022

Another super week in school with everyone working hard and giving of their best.

We have all had a different challenge this week, not Covid 19 for a change.

We had Storm Dudley followed by Storm Eunice and a decision to close schools to ensure everyone remained safe.

A very big thank you to all the staff for all that they have achieved this half term. They have been brilliant and have planned fantastic experiences for all the learners. Mrs John is always so nurturing and supportive in Foundation Phase and she is very well supported by all her team.

I always love watching the children discussing their spellings and completing their tests on a Friday morning. They always look so proud and Mrs John has lots of discussions around the new spelling pattern for the following week to give them confidence. They worked so hard in the morning that they thoroughly deserved the engaging Valentines tasks planned for the afternoon.

The Early Years pupils really enjoy their time in the afternoons, Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Barlow keep everyone smiling. The Valentines cards they made would melt any heart. They were all proud with their work.

Another great week in Dosbarth Nant Ddraig. The children have been creating their websites for Chester Zoo and from the content they have created already we can safely say it is of the highest standard! They have also learnt some great facts about animals and conservation. I'm sure the zoo will be extremely impressed too.

The children have been using a Number of the Day to revise and develop their numeracy skills across many different calculations. They have been spotting the connections and patterns that weave throughout mathematics. They have also had great fun learning the Roman Numerals with an extremely catchy song that Mr Hills tells me has been in his head all week now! There are always smiles from everyone as they sing it.

They have also been able to practice their estimation skills with Mrs Pierce and used this to develop logic and reasoning in very practical and engaging ways.

Using their scientific knowledge the children were able to classify different animals, and then create data branches to play a quiz with their friends, showing how to narrow down animals into different categories.

There was so much enthusiasm about being able to build bird and bat boxes with Natur Cymru. The hands-on skills demonstrated were brilliant and the children were, rightfully, extremely proud of their achievements. These boxes are going to be placed in both the school's grounds and those of the church.

A super week, it was such a shame that ‘Open the Book’ weren’t able to come in for their planned visit on Friday. We all really enjoy our end of the week celebration with them.

Have a lovely half term all. We have lots to look forward to after the break Robinwood for Key Stage 2 and Wellies in the Woods for families.

We also have visits to Techniquest for both classes alongside the other class in Nercwys. This is especially good for the Key Stage 2 class. Everything is starting to become a little easier with Covid risk assessments.

We have also applied for the free entry for Chester Zoo so I really hope we are successful.

Lots of nice things to do!

A big thank you to all the staff in school. They always give so much to the learners. I am sure they will enjoy a well earned holiday.