Headteacher’s Blog 16th September 2022

Another busy week in school. It has been lovely walking into classes and seeing how engaged everyone is, we have happy smiling learners enjoying their tasks and activities. It is always so good to hear how well the learners are setting in at Secondary school as well.

Dosbarth Branwen

Within the Early Years sessions, they have enjoyed painting Planets to create an ‘Out of this World’ reading area. Outdoors they have been using hoops to practice their throwing, running and catching. They have been apple printing and learning the ’a’ sound. We have had big smiles as they learnt to say the days of the week in Welsh.

Mrs John has made the most of her ‘ Cynefin’ the local environment and the lovely apple trees we have on the school ground. The learners have harvested their apples and based their work around this. They have made apple crumble, a lovely autumn dish. They have been picking, washing, weighing, measuring and describing before even starting the task of making the delicious crumble. Then comes the best part of tasting!

They have then been using this experience to support their writing, instructing an alien in making this wonderful dish. They were making sure they were using all their connective words – next, after that and finally and Mrs John as always had produced a detailed writing map to support them in the task.

In addition to all their usual tasks of Spelling, Welsh and Numeracy they have also written some prayers to reflect and celebrate the life of the Queen.

Dosbarth Nant Ddraig

At the beginning of the week Miss Roberts' class took time to reflect on the amazing reign of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. The children created beautiful commemorative stamps and wrote prayers in honour of the Queen. 

Grace wrote: 


Dear Lord, 

Thank you for Queen Elizabeth's life. She has helped us through many hard times.

Please help King Charles with the pressure he faces being King.

Keep us safe. 



They have also been planning their learning in the topic Out of This World. We started by talking about things we know and exploring lots of nonfiction books to see what interests us. The children then came up with at least one question each which they want to investigate! 

These questions were plotted onto different Questions which Miss Roberts had previously written. This allowed us to see which questions were the most popular amongst us and we voted for the final 3 Big Question. These are:

1. Where are we?

2. What's outside our solar system?

3. Can we live beyond Earth?