Headteacher’s Blog 16th April 2021

It has been lovely to see all our pupils back in school after the Easter break. They have been full of tales of their holiday. Their adventures have been a lot more local and they have obviously enjoyed meeting up with friends outdoors. Everyone is feeling better for seeing the sunshine and everyone is loving a visit to the park after school.

The children are really enjoying playing on our field once again. Everyone is taking advantage of the wonderful outdoor environment.

Foundation Phase are planning their own outdoor activity or experience. One of my favourites is definitely Bea’s fairy garden. That looks so full of detail. Mrs Biddle is in full flow supporting the pupils in creating a Church in the classroom, the stained-glass window designs are close to completion. Our Bishop’s visitor would be very impressed!

We have also enjoyed the Relax kids activities. We were supposed to have a visitor leading this activity however there was a degree of risk so the session was reorganised. This shows that the systems in place are effective in keeping everyone safe.

Our Early Years group has been made even more delightful by our new starters – Verity and Edith. They have quickly settled into school life, it does help when you have big brothers to support. A big thank you to William, Zander and Madoc for doing such a fantastic job of looking after them - the teaching staff have helped too! A big thank you to Mrs Whitehead and Miss Douggie, the children have had a fantastic first week back.

Years 3 and 4 have been doing a great job of planning the Out of this World project. The Working Wall in class is becoming fuller all the time. Pupils have already established ‘What we already know’. I loved their Solar System drawing where they were desperately trying to draw and label all of the planets. Pupil voice is now leading the learning as pupils are deciding ‘What we want to explore’. I am sure the pupils will thoroughly enjoy this topic.

Many thanks for supporting the plant appeal! Mrs John is very adept at making everywhere look beautiful with plants. She hadn’t bargained on the frost over the weekend and the impact it would have on the plants by Monday morning. So, thank you for helping by sending plants in, it will mean more to the children watching them grow.

We have sent out a message asking everyone to please book into Breakfast and After School Club by 3pm the day before. We want to try and provide a service but we don’t want to waste money by paying staff for sessions with no pupils’ present. We are very aware that lots of people are working from home so there is less demand for the Club.

A very big thank you to all the school staff. They have been a fantastic this week. They have supported pupils with lots of smiles, good humour and excellent care. A strong team who are a pleasure to work alongside.

A lovely end to the week - the Foundation Phase went on an adventure up the lane to see what they could discover. They then enjoyed running about on the field so much that everyone was thirsty. Mrs John prepared an impromptu picnic of milk/ water and chopped fruit and everyone had a lovely time sitting and chattering together.