Headteacher’s Blog 14th May 2021

The weeks are rushing by!

I am so relieved to hear that the Covid rates are continuing to improve in the area and that there are more opportunities for us to take part in our usual activities.

Personally, I am waiting for a review of Welsh guidance for schools so that we can hopefully move away from having separate bubbles. I know the pupils really miss the chance to socialise together properly as a whole school.

Whizzy Wednesday continues to be great fun. Thank you, Mrs John, and the After-School Club team. This is very enjoyable for pupils and a great way to support the After-School Club facility. This supports the quieter nights.

We have had lots of smiling happy faces in school this week. The children are really enjoying all the work with the teachers. Years 5 and 6 have read the book ‘Tuesday’ about an unusual incident in the night. The pupils have been writing a playscript between a tv or radio reporter and an eyewitness. The pupils have been practicing their script. Well done Mrs Pierce for developing pupils Oracy skills in an interesting way. This has been identified by staff as an area of focus following our return from ‘Lockdown’. I also loved the pupils’ art work, very much a work in progress at the moment. Hopefully I will be able to share the finished product soon.

I had a meeting with Matt Robinson our Finance Officer yesterdayafternoon. He has been supporting us through digital meetings to this point. This was the first school that he has visited in over 6 months due to previous restrictions, I think it was a compliment that he started with our lovely school. I was so proud of our school as he was smiling as he walked through the school to see how much the pupils were enjoying their learning.

Foundation Phase were suited and booted ready for their Forest School Activities. They were beaming as we walked past with smiling staff getting everyone organised. Matt did comment that school life was much more enjoyable now than when he was in school. To me he looks very young so it shows how quickly we are moving forward educationally all the time. The Foundation Phase pupils completed some lovely activities yesterday – mud painting and then presenting their work in a gallery. Creating their own minibeasts out of clay. The other group were continuing the planting following all the kind parental donations. The Early years also had great fun on the bikes and trikes.

Years 5 and 6 have had a brilliant session outdoors today, estimating and measuring trees.

Mrs Pierce says everyone’s favourite estimation method is the Indian method of looking back with your head between your knees!

A very productive week for all!