Headteacher’s Blog 14th January 2022

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda, Happy New Year

I didn’t think that by the time we got to 2022, I would be feeling so relieved to be welcoming learners into school in person!

It was fantastic to be able to welcome the children back after Christmas and New Year. They enjoyed their break, but I think everyone has welcomed the return to routines.

It was lovely to welcome new pupils Joseph and Ivy into our Early Entitlement class. Both settled really well. This is the benefit of having Auntie Ange as a familiar face from Playgroup. They have enjoyed all of our activities and had a good first week in school.

We also welcomed Julie, our new lunchtime server. Alison has been doing a great job, but it is good to have someone permanent in the role. She really enjoyed working in our school. She has been really impressed by the children, she had a great first week. She told me about a pupil who came to tell her that her friend had told her the lunches were so nice shewas going to give them a try. I had to find out who it was – Erin.

The children have quickly settled into all of their usual routines. Our topic is ‘Our Special World’ and everyone is enjoying it across the Federation. I wandered into a Rainforest in the Foundation Phase classroom, Mrs Biddle and our pupils are creating a Rainforest Café, the customers can enjoy an afternoon treat hidden in the midst of all the foliage. Pupils in Branwen have begun working in small groups to research different habitats, Rainforest, Desert, Ocean and Polar regions. They have worked really hard and this is continuing next week into key information and facts. They have also been investigating the difference between fiction and non-fiction books. A set of class clues they have decided upon is helping them with their decisions! In Numeracy they have been recapping on even and odd numbers and writing numbers to 5,10,20 and 100.

Dosbarth Nant Ddraig have been working hard on Capacity - estimating capacity, measuring and converting it. Theymanaged to complete some of this work outdoors. They have started a new class text ‘Journey to the River Sea’ they are currently exploring the book by responding to the front cover. Within their topic work they are focussing on Henri Rousseau’s Jungle period.

Mrs John had training on Thursday and Mr Hills took the class for me. He really enjoys the opportunity to come to Ysgol Nannerch. With Mr Hills the children researched and created a list of vocabulary to do with the rainforest. They really enjoyed having input into the words, and exploring the meaning of words that their friends knew. They then created a "vocAPPulary" which will help them refer to the meaning of words throughout the topic.

They got back into the swing of doing their spelling work, and challenged themselves throughout. They really enjoyed testing their knowledge of the rainforest in a fun cahoot quiz.

We have some exciting news about Glow in the Dark Dodgeball on a Thursday night. Mrs Fowles is organising the booking so more details soon.

A super start to 2022, lets hope this continues. A big thank you as always to our Families for your support as always.

If we do have any Covid cases this is the latest approach.

If we have one case of Covid in a class, we will inform parents so that they can monitor pupils for symptoms.

If we have more than one case then for additional peace of mind, unless the child is aged under 5 years, we strongly advise that they:

• undertakes LFD tests daily for 7 days;

• avoid contact with anyone at greater risk from the effects of COVID-19 infection

• be alert for new symptoms

• limit the number of people in close contact with your child as much as possible, and avoid large gatherings outside of school

• Keep washing hands regularly

• We do have a supply of LFDs in school for pupils to use at home.