Headteacher’s Blog 13th May 2022

Everyone has been working hard and giving their best. I was so impressed with Criw Cymraeg introducing the Ymadrodd yr Wythnos. This week it is Ble est ti? Es i …… We watched a recording of Grace modelling this for everyone. This had been recorded by Callum who had been a fantastic director putting Grace at ease by telling her it was a rehearsal. They successfully used the Green screen in the Hub class.

We had some fun at the end of the afternoon today practicing our Worship songs together. This was great fun and Mr Hills made us chuckle that there was no way that we could have sung ’Touch your finger’ during Covid as you have to work closely together.

A big thank you to Mrs Della Thomas one of our Governors who has put us forward for a ‘Eyes in the Sky’ project which is a fully funded opportunity to work with teachers and academics on the theme of Space.They will be using all the latest IT including techniques to take them on a wonderfully creative and educational learning journey. This project will be for the children in Juniors next year – so sorry Year 6. Mark Waters is coming in on the 30th June to speak to the learners about the project. This is also the date of the Alun Induction day so all pupils will be moving up to their new classes for their induction.

Thank you to everyone for working so hard to make the raised beds a real feature of our school. The Junior children have been very busy well supported by Mrs Barlow.

The Early Years children have been extremely busy this week making lots of flowers. They are creating and making them that they can be part of our window display in the Church to celebrate the Jubilee Flower Festival.

Dosbarth Branwen have been working hard all week. I love the learning wall showing all their work on Castles. You can see how the learners have contributed to the planning of the topic. As they have been part of planning the activities you can see how much they are enjoying them. They have also been wonderfully creative in reflecting the Four Purposes in their learning. They were all busy cutting gluing and sticking to make their vision for the display. A real treat after all the spelling and phonic work in the morning. In Numeracy pupils have finished shopping for their Swords from Mrs Biddle’s Armoury Shop and they look fabulous! Pupils have asked to create a ‘Coat of Arms’ which is their plan for next week. Pupils have also been working together to create a 2D castle and find information related to specific features of a castle. These are looking great. Pupils are also developing their skills with measure and this week have been learning all about weight.

Dosbarth Nant Ddraig

Well, what an exciting and action-packed week! On Monday the children were very fortunate to have Wrexham football club visit to give a training session to years 3 and 4, followed by a lesson on the effects of plastic in the oceans due to a Premier League programme to help change this. Meanwhile, years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to improve their cycling skills and safety. Mr Hills tells me that some parents have since told him how much the children enjoyed and how they went on bike rides in the evening even after having been riding through the day. The children were given certificates celebrating their success.

In English, they looked at headline writing and I was very impressed by some of the fantastic (and humorous) headlines that the class managed to create. We have some budding journalists I think!

There was lots of fun had during P.E. with cricket training. It was a challenge for Mr Hills to end the class as I think some of the children could have batted until sunset!

On Friday, the children discussed compassion and its importance, as well as self-compassion. It was lovely to see their ideas. The children also started making decorative flowers in preparation for the Jubilee which they are all looking forward to.