Headteacher’s Blog 12th November 2021

We are continuing to be busy in school, the weeks fly by. It is Friday again and Mr Samuels is wearing his celebratory shirt.

I had a lovely start to the day today as I was able to spend time with Erin and Lila in Breakfast Club.

They were showing me the Welsh working wall and using that to tell me what the weather was like in Welsh. That just shows how well they are using the learning environment.

Dosbarth Branwen were creating some fantastic Christmas cards at the beginning of the week. I will look forward to seeing the finished orders as they are delivered to school.

The Early Years pupils have really excelled with their Welsh greetings. There is a lovely video of them on twitter. It shows super Welsh skills but it also melts your heart as they are really enjoying presenting as a group.

They also created some brilliant poppy pictures for Remembrance.

I saw some fantastic talk for writing from the learners. They had mapped out some instructions for making apple delight on the Flip Chart. They were reciting the instructions with actions, this reinforces the language in their mind. This is a very effective teaching style as it supports the learner as the words are already in their minds and it allows them increased confidence when recording their work.

Everyone had a walk to the village where they had a traffic survey. They identified the car colours and kept a record of how many of each colour they saw. They presented the information in the form of a bar chart. They have had a focus on money within Maths this week. This will probably make the learners even more effective in helping parents to spend money.

They really enjoyed their RVE work on Jonah and the Whale, I think this was Mrs Biddle’s highlight for the week.

Jonas has had Brenin yr Wythnos for the value of Wisdom. He has been extremely wise in his decision making this week and worked extremely hard.

In Dosbarth Nant Ddraig they have continued to work on the theme of time in Maths. You can see the impact of Mr Samuels’ training course last Friday in taking the learning into the environment. Everyone has enjoyed creating outdoor chalk clocks. They were practicing manipulating the recording of time between the 12 hour and 24-hour clocks.

They have continued editing, redrafting and improving their formal letters. I look forward to reading them. Mr Samuels has chosen his Brenin or rather Tri Brenin yr Wythnos Samuel, James and Osian for the value of Perseverance. They demonstrated ambitious vocabulary, confidence in their ability and definitely perseverance in redrafting the letters. I think Mr Samuels is moving towards Christmas choosingThree kings!

Mr Hills, Nercwys teacher had the opportunity to take the class for a PE lesson. He taught some football skills. I know that he thoroughly enjoyed spending the morning with the children. Mr Hills is a fluent Welsh speaker. We will take advantage of having him working in the Federation by asking him to support the Welsh in this class as well as the equivalent class Dosbarth Dewi in Nercwys.

Dharma showed lots of creativity in Golden Time/ Amser Aur and created a realistic snow person.

On Armistice Day the whole school walked to the village Memorial. We held a ceremony of Remembrance to reflect the sacrifice made for us. We laid our wreath to honour them.