Headteacher’s blog 11th September 2020

A very big thank you to the Nannerch team, they have put so much into ensuring that the school could reopen as safely as possible for pupils. Everyone has supported one another; they have found solutions rather than problems. This has ensured a very successful return to school.

The Nannerch team approach everything with such a positive attitude and good humour. We have all managed to smile our way through any challenges encountered this week.  Parents have quickly adapted to the new systems in place.

Everyone that I have seen, has followed social distancing guidance on the school yard. We do have parents that are at a higher risk and so we would appreciate it if everyone can be mindful of this on their walk too and from school. A concern has been mentioned that it is sometimes crowded at the top of the school lane. Thank you for your co-operation with this.

Parents have encouraged pupils to wash their hands or sanitise and use the correct entrances. The new systems in place are currently working as safely as we can make them. If you do have any concerns please get in touch with me or Mrs John.

I have enjoyed seeing the children’s eager and enthusiastic faces as they engage with the learning. Just as importantly the children are benefiting from the social opportunities that are once more available to them. I have felt extremely proud as I have walked around the school peeping into classes. I have seen safe practices, but just as importantly I see smiles and occasionally giggles as everyone makes the most of their day.

Foundation Phase has made plenty of use of the wet area and the hall to extend their teaching place. They have had lots of fun, too much sometimes!! Mrs John has been providing dry clothes as there was too much splashing in the water. That was an easy problem to put right.

One of the highlights for Years 5 and 6 has been Forest Schools. There was high excitement as they came into school this morning double checking that they were suitably dressed for the activities. They had a story telling session and they found a frog, you can imagine the excitement! The story telling involved all the objects they had found – a healing stone, a phoenix feather, a racing snail and a sail from a boat that had journeyed around the world. What a lovely teaching session!

Many thanks to Parents the children as always all looked very smart returning to school. They have also been correctly kitted out for all the activities.

I must admit this has been one of the most challenging times for us as staff. We are so used to knowing most of the answers to questions but at the moment we are constantly double checking that we are following correct procedures! I think everyone is glad that it is Friday, especially the children as they are so tired at the end of their first week. Everyone in school can hopefully have the time to relax and come to school on Monday morning confident of all the systems in place.

I think the greatest challenges have been within Breakfast and After School Club as they have also had to change practice and procedures without the ‘Check in’ that our classes experienced at the end of the summer. We have also had a number of other changes to manage.

Mrs Fiona Pender and Mrs Sally Owen have been a major part of the Committee for the Club for a long period. They have stepped back now. I would like to thank them for all their hard work. Luckily they are still supporting us during this handover period.

This wasn’t the best time to try and form a new committee; members of the Governing Body have currently stepped in to form an Interim Committee. We will have to establish a new committee soon for the Club. The children who have attended the club have been well cared for as always. Please do support this facility if you are able to as this will help to keep it successful.

When we have had chance to embed our current safe practices we will try and plan some themed activities to try and increase the amount of children attending. We would like to ensure that going forward the Club is able to break even by attracting enough pupils to meet the staffing costs. We will of course be looking for any grant opportunities to support the Club. We really do need your support. Have a lovely weekend everyone.