Headteacher’s Blog 11th February

What a lovely week at Ysgol Nannerch.

I was buried in paperwork on Monday but Mrs John came and took me through to the Foundation Phase classroom. She said |I had to see the pupils’ work.

They were creating habitats. They were all absolutely brilliant they had created some fantastic work. They had created a Rainforest, Desert, The Polar Lands and an Ocean.

I was so impressed as they worked so well in their groups. They had organised themselves, planned their ideas, worked as a team and solved problems on the way.

Everyone was so enthusiastic and respectful of one another. It was a pleasure to observe them. Year 1 and 2 were given a Numeracy and Literacy task where they followed a recipe to make their own edible play dough. Apparently this was very messy but a lot of fun bringing in a whole host of skills!

They have also been upcycling and turning plastic bottles into birdfeeders for the outdoor area. I am sure the birds have been appreciating their care. As well as practicing their usual Helpwr Heddiw skills they have also been using the Welsh dictionary to do their own independent work practicing saying and writing Welsh words.

Within Maths the younger learners have been doubling. They have been using Mrs Biddles precious gems to do some doubling. They used tweezers to pick up the gems and work out the correct amount. A great opportunity to practice hand eye coordination at the same time. They also demonstrated an understanding of number by creating multilink towers to show the amount.

The older pupils have been making board games around number facts. Just to show learning can be great fun!

I love walking through the hall in the afternoon as the Early Years pupils are always smiling and enjoying their time in school. I missed lots of fun this week as they were making playdough -but Mrs Whitehead bought icing sugar instead of flour for the recipe. She found some cornflour and tried that instead with fun results. This created a very different substance – part solid part liquid. They had such fun experimenting.

Mrs Whitehead made some real playdough with them the next day as well.

Glow in the dark Dodgeball for Foundation Phase looked brilliant. Well done After School Club.

There has been much excitement in Dosbarth Nant Ddraig this week as the children have been tasked with creating a website containing information for a rainforest animal. The idea is that it could be a replacement for the plaques which describe the animals in Chester Zoo. This is building on their previous work in creating a non-chronological report, but this time in the format of a website. I delivered a letter from Chester Zoo asking the children to take on this challenge, this ‘mantle’has created a buzz and real-life context for the children. They are currently researching and collating the information. I'm very excited to see the finished products!

The learners have produced some excellent work, as the class continued with their story for the term. By looking at how Eva Ibbotson used descriptive language in the story, they then highlighted and created their own pieces of descriptive writing. Mr Hills was incredibly impressed by the standard of work, the imagination, and the effort put in.

In maths, the children looked at multiplication this week. Mr Hills tells me it has been rewarding to see how willing the children have been to achieve success even when they first struggled with the concept of multi-digit multiplication. Hearing about the growth mindset that the children have demonstrated is splendid to hear. All the children in the class have shown progress with this skill and it is a wonderful foundation for their mathematical abilities.

The children had the opportunity to head outdoors and estimate then calculate the height of different trees in the vicinity of the school. They used their own heights to first estimate, before using other methods to more accurately record the heights of the trees. They then compared the heights of trees in Wales to those in the Brazilian rainforest, and contemplated why there might be this difference.

The children have been working diligently on their homework project over the last few weeks and this week they presented them to their peers. I must say, the standard is brilliant! It is lovely to hear all the things that the children love and appreciate about the school here in Nannerch. There are some common themes as well as some enlightening ideas. I have to say thank you to all the children for their hard work on this.

Mrs John is so proud of all her class have achieved and Mr Hills described that day in class as his ‘best ever teaching day’. That shows how fantastic everyone has been.