Heads Notes 4th July

A super end to last week with the fun run and the sports day. The children who took part in the run can really feel proud of their achievements and their medals. I was told that everyone really enjoyed the afternoon sports as well. On a personal note my son was welcomed into the fun run, and he really enjoyed it, everyone was so supportive. Many thanks to all the organisers who put so much time into everything. My older son is keen to take part next year to take on his younger brother! All of these village events support pupils to become healthy, confident citizens that are important in the New Curriculum

I was really impressed to see the new Welsh reading books in Years 5 & 6, as part of the ‘Helpwr Heddiw’ session at the start of the day. Mrs Pierce was very pleased when the pupils told me that they read them regularly, these alongside the loop cards are having an impact on raising standards. This is a good way to promote language development without adding to curriculum time.

We have some lovely year 6 photos in school which all the parents have coming to see. They have really made the most of the lovely outdoor environment.

Miss Williams has really been making the most of the outdoors this week with Foundation Phase.  I have seen lots of lovely smiles as the children engaged with those around them.

Everyone has been looking forward to Induction Day, some of the Year 6 were having a day in their respective Secondary Schools. Within school everyone moved up a year group. They all had an enjoyable day. A prospective pupil who came to visit described the school as ‘’perfect’’. Foundation Phase had the story of the ‘Rainbow fish’ and they created their own underwater adventure for all to see. Year 3/4 went on an adventure with ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’ and Year 5/6 were sewing their own aprons in preparation for all the craft activity next year.

The children, I think, are glad to see Friday arrive this week, as everyone is beginning to feel that end of term tiredness, alongside staff who are busily writing reports!