Gwydion Years 5 & 6 May 7th 2021

We began our new topic 'Out of this World' after the break. We had a great session finding out what we already know and discussing the recent events and news from NASA. We watched the mars rover and the launch of the helicopter robot Ingenuity. We have decided we'd like to find out more about living on another planet, perhaps Mars, and whether there might be other life elsewhere in our solar system.

Our science lessons have looked at Gravity, lots of different investigations. Brian Cox filmed a feather and bowling ball falling in a vacuum, incredible! We discussed weightlessness and what it would be like in space as an astronaut. We made paper 'helicopters' and made changes to alter rate of descent. Experimenting with our balloon rockets provided an ideal opportunity to apply skills of measuring distance and angles, with a lot of estimating and speculating (we're getting really good at this!).

We have read about 'Space Tourism' and the possibility of the children being able to go in to space in the near future - they will have to save very hard though! They have also created some lovely space themed book marks.

In maths we have analysed and drawn line graphs, used vocabulary and numbers of probability and identified the outcomes of simple events using dice and coins. This week we have been revising our knowledge on fractions.

We are being journalists this term. We have read and watched an animated version of the book 'Tuesday' by David Wiesner. A super book about an unusual event. We are using questioning skills to discover what eye witnesses might have seen or heard before reporting for the evening 'News'.