Gwydion Years 5 & 6 May 28th 2021

We have had an exciting time researching and discovering all about outer space. Calculating distances, day and year length, gravity and sizes gave our calculators a hard time. We had many discussions about life on another planet and looked closely at Mars. Researching the Mars One Mission website posed more questions than answers. Only taking a year to get there wasn't an issue, but not being able to return to Earth was! We had fun creating our own planet (nice and messy) and a fact sheet for comparison.

Estimating has been the main theme this term. We use it all the time without noticing. Each Monday morning we have used pictures and numerical clues to guide us in estimating accurately - we are now really good! We have also compared and contrasted measurements in forest school and practised finding fractions of amounts.

Following on from being news reporters, we used our interviews to draft, edit then type the front page news. There certainly were some strange incidents, and eye witnesses, from Tuesday night!

Football on Friday afternoon was a big hit, great fun and everyone enjoyed it.