Gwydion Years 5 & 6 April 16th

After the turbulent year so far it has been great to be in school with all of the children again.

KS2 had two weeks before Easter to help overcome anxieties, re-establish routines and re-ignite friendships. Years 5 & 6 managed very successfully to do just that through art and literature with the help of a lovely book "Tell me a dragon". The class display is a tribute to their hard work, and they had fun too! I think the highlight of the last week was counting the contents of the eggs everyone entered in the Easter competition, who would have thought you could get over 100 items inside one small plastic egg?

We started this week with revisiting reasoning skills. First in Maths, trying to estimate numbers then use clues to get closer to the actual number. In science we looked at an investigation done by another class and revisited scientific processes. We decided to follow this up and the children chose their own investigation to carry out the next day. "Which ball bounces the highest?" was indeed a lot of fun, with balls going everywhere outside!

We have started on this term's topic 'Out of this World', the children have recorded what they know and want to find out. We have already done some reading.

The lovely weather this week has meant we have been able to spend most of our time outside, especially Friday; we had the whole day in Forest School. Let's hope the sunny weather continues, it makes us all feel good.