Gwydion Years 5 & 6

The children have worked incredibly hard this half term and are ready for the holiday.

We started our topic Magical Me looking at how we see ourselves and what makes us unique and 'me'! Mental health and well being was at the centre of our discussions and how important it is to help one another, even if it's just by listening, and being a friend to all.

We decided to start our investigations with the brain, our 'control centre', and intelligence; can we change? From this we made a lovely display to show our thoughts. Last week the children researched our major organs. This week they have made notes on their skeletons, showing what they know about the skeletal system.

In language we have read "You are special" by Max Lucado and "Cloud Busting" by Malorie Blackman, a unique book written in verse. In response, we have discussed the themes of friendship, bullying and courage and written different types of poems.

Revision of number, place value, addition and subtraction has been the focus of Maths, with knowledge of common shapes and symmetry being investigated last week.

The children have also used a variety of resources and sources of evidence to help with discussions in RE to answer the question, "Was Jesus a real person?" and "What sort of person was he?" Their responses have made another eye catching display.

We finished the week with a lovely afternoon, first at the church; years 5 & 6 read their harvest prayers, years 3 & 4 read out their poems and we all sang Autumn Days, delightful. Last of all we went out to forest school and had a great time.

Enjoy the holiday everyone.