Gwydion Years 5 & 6

Since our last blog we have been busy on all aspects of our Ghana topic; our animal fact files and paintings are nearly complete, group research for our reports has been done and the African music performance was a great hit. The children have also been comparing the geography and culture of Ghana and Wales, noting similarities as well as differences.

In science we have looked at different habitats and how animals have adapted to suit their environments.

We have started our class book "The Butterfly Lion" by Michael Morpurgo and read our first African fable about Anansi. Our craft work is centred on this story so lots of spiders in the making, not to mention the weaving of webs in Forest School!

In Welsh we have been extending our sentences and adding to our growing vocabulary ready to write a diary next week.

A big well done to ALL the children for speaking so clearly in front of the whole school during the School Council election, they were inspiring.


Just getting started!