Gwydion Years 5 & 6

What a lovely start to the Autumn term. Our class rules have been agreed and will be ready for the display soon. We have immersed ourselves in our topic investigating Ghana and Wales. The children are curious about food, special days, pets, the weather and how far Ghana is from Nannerch. We have used maps and the atlas to discover the continents and locate countries.

In Welsh we have been discussing what makes Wales special. Again we have looked at maps and books (written in welsh) and used our reading skills to find specific information. The children's homework is to find out what is so special about the flag of Wales.

We have been concentrating on place value in maths, adding and subtracting 5,6 or 7 digit numbers. In language we have written a report on a country and will evaluate our work using a few good examples before we write about either Ghana or Wales.

The children have been researching an African animal, creating a fact file and are now ready to sketch.

In forest school we used idials to help us identify leaves and trees and played games to find out which trees we have at school. Years 3 & 4 also made apple cups and years 5 & 6 used the "indian method" to estimate the height of a tree. Clear communication is so important, in forest school the older children had to give clear instructions to their partner, they had to write concisely and show trust.

We finished the week looking at the Bible, finding animals from given references and P.E.