Gwydion Year 5 & 6

After the half term break the children returned with vigour, straight into a mantle challenge.

They received a letter requesting them to form a "firework planning committee" in order to plan an outstanding firework display. This meant having to budget, prepare an advertising poster for the event and a visual presentation about Guy Fawkes. They used so many literacy and numeracy skills. They investigated secret codes and wrote their firework poems which they performed this week - wonderful.

This continued the following week when the "committee" received a letter of complaint about the bonfire night display which we had to address. We identified features of formal letters, looked closely at the complaint and wrote a suitable reply.

Maths continued with shape; investigating area, perimeter and volume. In Science the children used research skills to find out about an organ in the body, they tested their own hypothesis about the proportion of different parts of the body and are now discovering the circulatory system. Stethoscopes at the ready for next week!

This week we have completed a book review of Cloud Busting, a funny and poignant story written completely in verse. A class book we all enjoyed.

'Values' has been the discussion point in RE and we also thought about Jesus' Mission (Luke 4 v18-19). We compared it to other mission statements (including "To infinity and beyond") and thought about a shared version for the two schools in our federation.

Forest School has been a wonderful way to finish the week. We have sketched, made clay models, looked at fungi, made toasties and baked bananas. The weather was too inclement this week so we made bird seed ornaments ready to put out next week.