Gwydion - June 28th

We have had quite a hectic week. We started again with listening skills in maths. Mrs Pierce read out a sum and a set of coordinates and we had to write the answer, our answers formed a picture of a robot. In maths we learnt about ratio. Mrs Pierce put a large bottle of Robinson's blackcurrent juice on the table at playtime and Megan and Morgan worked out the lesson! We looked at the volume of the bottle, how many servings and how much water to add. From all this work we decided the ratio of juice to water was 1:4 (Finlay said, "as long as we have Robinson's!!"). In language we have analysed narrative writing, come up with our own success criteria and written a 'cold write' short story.

We used a variety of thermometers and discovered the boiling and freezing point of water. When we put our finger in the bowl of water at 20 degrees celsius it felt like your finger wasn't there! We took the temperature outside every hour, one thermometer in the shade, one in the sunlight and will use the data next week.

Some of us really enjoyed the rounders tournament on Monday whilst some year 6 children went to a French lesson at the Alun.

Mr.Foo from the Alun came on Friday and brought a lot of science equipment and we had to wear safety goggles (which was good because a bottle of pop exploded). This made us feel grown up. It was really messy and amazing, Peter called it 'fizztastic'! We are all looking forward to being in a science lab.

by the class