Gwydion - June 21st

The rain this week kept us indoors a lot so we were excited to see Wednesday dry so we could have sports day! It was a great afternoon, everyone had fun in our races. Tilly said it was very enjoyable and hard. Grace and Jack were our sports champions! And then the ice cream van came, the ice creams were fantastic!

In maths we had to find out about Prime Numbers. We came up with our own definition and then investigated different numbers. Rowan says we all agreed prime numbers were difficult but got easier the more we did. We also used reasoning skills to solve problems.

After listening to the Bishop last week we decided to find out about 'confirmation' and what it means to Christians. We watched a short film and talked with our partner about promises and responsibilities.

In Science and Guided Reading we have looked at the history behind the thermometer, an instrument we all take for granted these days. There are so many different ones.We used our speaking and listening skills to tell our partner about a time we were poorly, our partner then wrote a brief report. We discussed the best features of a report.

Some of us worked with Jo on the iBeacon project, adding information about Penycloddiau, recording some of our poems that we wrote last week and making a word search in welsh. We have all used watercolours to paint our pictures too.

On Friday afternoon Year 6 joined many other church schools at the cathedral for a leaver's celebration, we did lots of singing and Bishop Gregory gave us all his blessing at the end.

Investigating prime numbers