Gwydion - June 14th

What a great start to our week, we went to St.Asaph Cathedral for our federation service celebration with Nercwys. It's huge and the Bishop was really nice answering our questions. We loved singing in the Cathedral but we had to be loud!

So topical, we have been investigating what causes rivers to flood! In Guided Reading we looked at European Rivers and Rivers of the World. We used our map reading skills to find river features on a map and rounding skills, up to 3 decimal places, when investigating river lengths and flow.

In science we really tried hard to understand bias, and how people's opinions can affect what we might think. We found out you can be biased for or against something.

We have been working on our river valley models, they are nearly finished.

We have been working on our listening skills, we listened to instructions and had to add numbers and put the answers in the right box. It wasn't easy because Mrs Pierce only said it once.

A cow came to visit at lunchtime, it caused a lot of excitement before Mr. Williams came to collect it.

by Tilly and Callum