Gwydion 5 & 6 29th January

A huge thank you to all our children and their families for engaging with Google Classroom; the high standard has been consistent since day one. I know it is not easy to receive and complete work this way, there is no substitute for being at school with friends.

Our topic on animals has been a success with the children using many different literacy and numeracy skills. They have used higher order reading skills to understand and explain the non fiction texts, enhanced their vocabulary knowledge and written concisely and accurately in their fact files. They have investigated different habitats, made connections with food chains and a food web and are now finding out how evolution has helped many animals to adapt and survive in their environment. I have been smiling so much when I open the children's work and see the many truly wonderful pieces of art work or models.

We have used I See Maths videos as the basis for many lessons. Starting with number and problem solving, we then used shape and pattern to help solve questions before looking at multiplication - factors and products. Division coming up.

Next week - experiments, explorers and imaginary creatures! Cael hwyl.