Gwydion 22 November

We have had a busy few weeks working on our topic - Ghana. The class has been given a "Chocolate Challenge", to create a brand new chocolate bar for an expanding sweet manufacturer ready for the Christmas rush! We have researched and written an explanation of the making of chocolate and created a poster full of fascinating facts. In groups they have designed their new chocolate bar and an advert to help sell it. Each group is now preparing a presentation to sell their ideas to the Board of Directors (the class). We are all looking forward to making these amazing sweets next week and designing, making and using an eye catching wrapper.

In science we talked about reversible and irreversible changes and will be applying our knowledge to the making of our chocolate bars.

We enjoyed listening to the poem "The Lion and Albert", read by Stanley Holloway, and easily got into character using many accents, not just from Lancashire! As Mr or Mrs Ramsbottom, we wrote a postcard and diary entry about the events using colloquial language. When we read them out loud to the class, it was really funny!

Maths has been 'shape' this week, investigating their properties and creating their own branching diagram to show understanding.

Rehearsals of the Christmas production are underway - lots of lovely singing. So many children have learnt their script. Please help them now with the very catchy songs.