Gwydion - 10th May

We started our week revisiting the stories "The Dot" and "Ish", two super stories about having a growth mindset. We looked at the causes of the children's actions, how they were affected and how they were able to overcome the issue. Lots of inspiration!

In maths we investigated number patterns and read about Fibonnaci, a famous mathematician who lived over 800 years ago. Learning how to draw a spiral following his 'rule' was tricky.

Ollie and Rowan said the reading and maths tests were "ok and quite fun to do", but I think they were looking forward to the giant chocolate buttons at the end rather than the tests. Just one more to do. Year 5 will taking their maths test on Monday 13th and year 6 on the 23rd May.

Researching parachutes for our science investigation was really interesting, who knew there were parachutes called 'cruciform', 'ragallo', 'annular' and 'ram-air' (Grace and Grace)? Or that the first parachute jump by André-Jacques Garnerin happened in 1797, (Callum and Finlay). We have been very busy making our own parachutes ready to test next week.

A letter arrived from Welsh Water and Natural Resources Wales asking us to think about the dangers of open water. A very timely reminder. We have decided to find out about local rivers and reservoirs and produce a poster and leaflet for other children.

Just a reminder, the homework on Rivers should be in by next Wednesday.