Gwydion 5th April

We have had a very busy week. This week year 6 went to Cardiff with some other schools. The bus journey was long but we had fun. We stopped at St. Fagans which was tiring walking round but interesting. We liked where we stayed. We went bowling after tea, that was great. The next day we went to the Senedd and had a debate then we went to the main chamber. Cardiff Castle was next, followed by a visit to the Millennium Stadium, we took lots of photos, it was interesting seeing all the different parts in the stadium. We liked the private boxes best and the seats where the players sit. We had a film night. On Wednesday we went to the Royal Mint before heading home. It was the best trip ever.

At the beginning of the the week the year 5's were also busy. They had a new song to learn in welsh, looked at punctuation and verbs in writing and did lots of maths investigations. They also learnt about Tudor sailors and how they suffered from scurvy. On Wednesday they had a whole day using ICT. They learnt how to programme the egg box which they then used to control a set of traffic lights and our clown.

On Thursday and Friday we all learnt about Williams Shakespeare and worked on our Tudor presentations for next week. We need to finish them at home and practise ready for next week.