27th April 2018

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Notes from the Head:

It certainly was a very busy week for the children. We were delighted to welcome Nercwys into school on Tuesday for a whole day and really good to see how the children began to interact, play and work together. This was a special event for both schools which culminated in the shared performance of Gorilla Dawn on Wednesday evening at the Alun School.  Thank to all who were able to attend and also to the kind messages from those who could not be with us.  We were delighted to receive a message from Gill Lewis the author of Gorillla Dawn who wrote a special message to the children:

Hello everybody! I hope you have been enjoying developing a play about Gorilla Dawn. I expect you have been looking into gorillas and their behaviours and where they live. They are truly remarkable creatures aren’t they? I’m so chuffed to hear about your drama production because you will be doing something remarkable…you will be raising awareness about threats facing gorillas and the natural world.

​Your drama production will inform teachers, parents, and parents’ friends etc. I hope you’ve found it interesting thinking about what life must be like for Imara and Bobo and Kitwana. I hope the play goes brilliantly and you can celebrate with cake at the end! Very best of wishes, Gill Lewis x

The performance celebrated a special collaboration of the two church schools and we hope that this will be the beginning of many more shared events.

Dates for your diary:

Next week the Welsh National tests will begin and will run from Wednesday 2nd May until Wednesday 9th May.  All children from Year 2 to Year 6 will be included in the tests. 

Please follow the link for information for parents. LINK HERE

Newly added and updated calendar items 

(see calendar for all dates)

10th May- Dogs Trust Foundation Phase

11th May- Spaceport trip

12th May- Jonathon Yeardley special event

18th May-hydration station Good Food Gang

21st May- Bryn Deva School Council visiting

23rd May- Netball event

25th May- Children to church

25th May- Juniors Deeside Skatepark visit

20th June- Rounders event

27th June- Space workshop

5th July - Going Up day

9th July- Year 5 & 6 trip to Westminster

18th July - Leavers Service

18th July - last day of term for children

19th & 20th July - training days

Summer break

3rd September - training day

4th September - first day of term for children

Mrs Downes


News from our Classes

Mrs Pierce & Mrs Downes Class: Gwydion
​This week has been busy on Monday we did R.E. and year 5 looked at a 4 paintings and had to look for similarities and differences. The paintings were of four people.  The year 5 had to try and work out who the people were by looking at a passage in the bible. The Year 6 looked at the parts of the Old Testament which are also the Jewish Torah to look for evidence for why Jewish people have kosher. In Science we looked at the formation of the universe and put the events into a timeline. Then we worked out the diameter of the planets and worked out to scale the distance of each planet from the sun. We made little models to scale.

On Tuesday we had a visit from Nercwys so we could get together and practise our play with Jane Meakin.  We had a great time with Nercwys and we enjoyed their company and their performance. On Wednesday we looked at science and finished off our solar systems and answered questions on the big bang. Then we went to the Alun school on the bus.  In the night we did our Gorilla Dawn performance and all the children did so well.

On Thursday we evaluated our Gorilla Dawn performance and talked about how good we were at managing ourselves and how good our performance was. We thought about our strengths and how we work in a team.

On Friday we did circle time and we played the light house and rocks game and also we guessed who the people were when we described them.  We had football with Miss Roberts and Steve and also we finished off our R.E. 

Miss Robert’s Class: Owain

Mrs John's class: Branwen

What a busy week! We really enjoyed welcoming Nercwys Primary pupils to our school. We made so many new friends! We all joined together for the day, playing, chatting, acting, eating, listening to stories and exploring. It was very special and Nercwys have invited us to their school so we are looking forward to our visit!

We tried very hard at the Alun High School, performing Gorilla Dawn to all our parents. We were very nervous but really enjoyed the whole experience!

In Guided Reading this week we have been using non-fiction texts to research information based on the planets. We have read a story about the Little Red Alien and have had to find punctuation and adjectives. 

Nursery this week have loved playing outside with the older pupils, exploring the water and block play. Pupils have been building rockets and dance mats. In the water, pupils had to problem solve and get their water supply to different planets.  Bendigedig pawb! 

No homework this week except reading and spellings for Yr 1 and 2.  Pupils have had a very busy and tiring week. Yr 2 Welsh National Tests begin next week and we will ensure pupils are relaxed and happy with the whole process. If you have any queries please come into see us. 

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