Branwen ~ Foundation Phase 9th October 2020

We have been incredibly busy during the first half term! We can’t believe there is only 2 weeks left. Our Foundation Phase is a real team and I can’t thank Mrs Biddle, Mrs Whitehead and Miss Douggie enough for their hard work!

We began the term slowly, ensuring our pupils were feeling happy and safe. It didn’t take long for us to realise that all they wanted was structure and school routine! It has been wonderful seeing our pupils reunite and feel part of their Nannerch family once again.  Our phased return was a success and Reception and Nursery have settled in so quickly. A great start to the year!

Our topic ‘Bodies’ this term is turning out to be a great deal of fun! Thank you to Erin’s mum for providing us with a life size skeleton! Our pupils had a fun singing to him and learning all about why we have bones. In Science and Literacy we have explored different senses. We have had smell tests and taste tests! Whilst being shocked at some smells and tastes we also enjoyed tasting different flavoured ice-creams. We have been using ‘wow’ words to describe what we have smelt and tasted and have begun writing poetry. I am looking forward to further development of these next week when we explore alliteration! In Numeracy we have used our taste test to collect, use and extract information. We have collected our friends favourite taste using a tally chart and then used this to create a pictogram and block graph. The older pupils have transferred their data onto the computer creating a block graph. In Maths we have been revising our times tables in Yr2. Yr1 have been remembering how to add and use the correct symbols. Reception have loved Numicon and are whizzing along ordering numbers to 10. Nursery have been identifying numbers and counting both in English and Cymraeg! In Language we have been focusing on our speed sounds and spelling patterns which have been enhanced into our guided reading activities. In Cymraeg Miss Douggie has taken the pupils on a Fflic a Fflac journey, developing sentence structures and describing how we are feeling. Da iawn! Our topic will continue into a development of a farm shop where vegetables will become a source of place this space! We will also start looking at what keeps us healthy and read a lovely book called Oliver’s vegetables. We plan to make soup and celebrate Harvest in our class after half term. Pupils have really enjoyed Rachel delivering Cricket lessons every Wednesday. It will be back to P.E with Mrs John after half term...I have been trying to live up to Joe Wicks after pupils lockdown PE lessons!! A busy but happy term, lots of giggles and fun! We are very proud of all our pupils and we know they have progressed so much already this term. Thank you everyone for your continued support.