Branwen ~ Foundation Phase 27th November 2020

Since I last posted our blog Foundation Phase have been in full flow! As part of our topic we have been exploring healthy living and what this means to us. Pupil voice was strong and we discussed different ways to stay healthy. All our pupils were provided with a gift this weekend, a toothbrush and toothpaste. This is to be used as part of their homework! Nursery and Reception have enjoyed exploring healthy living and made themselves vegetable faces to eat for snack! I loved their mouths they made too ~ bendigedig!

Pupils thought correctly that we needed sleep, healthy food, water, friends, a safe place to live and we should all keep clean. We set to work creating a bike wash, pupils deciding how this was going to be achieved and how much it would cost for Mrs John’s bike to be cleaned and polished! We enjoyed getting very wet and creating different types of cleaning devices ~ some budding engineers in the making! We also created a hair salon which pupils have loved! This not only provided social and emotional development, but fine motor control development too. We might continue this a bit longer!

A big thank you to Erin for auditing our trees at school this term! She has written me a list of all our trees at school and has labelled the ones in the Forest School area. Amazing effort and super knowledge of trees Erin!

The Diocese and Mrs Downes from the Education Team have produced a fantastic resource called Taith Advent. Each school will use their own planning and creativity to bring it to life for their pupils. Nannerch Foundation Phase blew me away with their emotional expression as soon as we read the story from the resource, called Refuge. The story captures life soon after Baby Jesus is born and our pupils realised how difficult it was for Mary and Joseph. Pupils are so keen to explore this story further, they have asked if they can produce something for their families...I am so excited about this so watch this space!!

Our class story ‘Oliver’s vegetables’ has hooked our pupils in! We have been busy buying and selling vegetables in our farm shop, negotiating prices and working out costings. We followed a recipe and made vegetable soup which was so fun. We peeled and chopped the vegetables and added important ingredients! The best part was tasting it, most of us thought it was delicious but a few pulled funny faces!! Well done for trying it, I was really proud of you all! Following the soup master class we had to work out how much the soup cost using a price list from the farm shop. This is an example of using money to 10p, 20p and £1 applying skills of addition, subtraction and multiplication. Some super numeracy skills by Years 1 and 2, da iawn! Reception have enjoyed exploring coins this week and using them in their play. They have been working out the values of coins up to 10p using Numicon. In Literacy, the story ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’ has become part of our extended writing process. We have started to learn the story using a story map and have learnt some super actions to support our story telling and oracy development. Next week we will begin to create our own story maps and begin writing our first story this term.