Branwen 30th April 2021

What a busy and exciting time we have had! Our big surprise went down very well when the children saw their new playground markings! We have really enjoyed engaging the pupils in team games linked to Numeracy and Literacy and Health and Wellbeing. Thank you Mrs Meaden managing to apply for a grant and to you all in our school community as PTA have been able to contribute towards it too.

We have been exploring God’s world and what it is like to be a Christian. We visited our church and we were able to find out different features of the Church. Pupils have role played being baptised since visiting.

We have begun exploring Buddhism and how similar this faith is to Christianity. Pupils researched what a Buddhist Temple looked like and then built one in teams! Pupils used recycled materials and worked brilliantly to ensure their Temples looked authentic. We were amazed at how they had linked in animals, flowers and any life into their Temples. Fantastic work!

Years 1 and 2 had a very special treat as they began their football training sessions on Friday afternoon! Thank you to Mr Jones and Mr Ainsworth for facilitating this fantastic skills session. We are looking forward to next week already! :)