Branwen’s Blog 26th March 2021

It has been a super term. We are so incredibly proud of our pupils and the resilience they have shown. A very nervous first day back to school after the lockdown ended with smiles, giggles and fun! We have really enjoyed using the beautiful book from the Diocese, Tell Me A Dragon’ by Jackie Morris as a hook for our pupils learning. Pupils have created and produced their own dragons and developed fact files on the computer programme J2 Mix on Hwb. It has really captured pupils creativity and it has been full of fun! It has been important to develop pupils’ confidence and oracy skills since the most recent lockdown. We have engaged in Talking Partners which has given pupils the security of their trusted friend to speak and listen to each other using certain criteria.

In Maths we have been learning how to tell the time and finding out about different times of the year, month, week and day. We have made the most of celebrating events this term, St David’s Day, Mother’s Day and Easter. We visited the Church to explore Jesus’ cross and the practical stimuli of Lent provided pupils with awe and wonder as well as questions and reflection. Thank you to our Church community for reaching out to us this term, it has been very special.

Pupils asked if we could make chocolate cornflake cakes on Wednesday so we had a lot of fun reading recipes, weighing ingredients and melting chocolate. The best bit was eating them at the end of the day!

PE this term has been focused around body schooling and developing our core strength. Each lesson built upon the previous week and ended with a meditation and relaxation session. This has been wonderful to see the pupils engagement and enjoyment as well as seeing their improvements each week!

We have planted potatoes and Mrs Biddle and I learnt a lot from our class as they were telling us how to plant potatoes, not the other way around! Watch this space next term!

The last day of term ended in an Easter Trail. Pupils paired up and the older pupils looked after the younger pupils. The Trail was full of picture clues. We found 2 Easter surprises. Thank you Easter Bunny!

We are looking forward to welcoming 2 new pupils who are joining us in Nursery after Easter!

We hope you have a lovely Easter break and we will look forward to a bright sunny term ahead.