Branwen Blog 1st October 2021

What a fabulous first few weeks we have had back to school. It has been so busy but so much learning and fun! In our Language we have been focusing on our oracy skills, speaking and listening to a partner and small audience. Talking Partners has been a huge part of our week where we are given a task, chat or discuss with our partner. It is helping us listen carefully to one another and help us develop our confidence when speaking to a small audience.

We are currently exploring how to write a post card. What are they used for and how do they arrive at our homes? This has been remarkable seeing our pupils initiate and create their own post office, sorting office and share the post person role! We have pupils writing their own post cards and this is encouraging imagination, emergent writing and creativity! I especially loved the sorting office made from blocks ~ incredible!

In Maths and Numeracy we have been busy learning place value to 5, 10, 20 and 50. Pupils are learning numbers in the number system as well as addition, subtraction and ensuring their number formation is correct.

Science has been pupil led as they decided one day they needed to make paper boats. This became a week of science investigations when they realised their paper boats weren’t strong enough to float. They began testing different materials to find out the strongest which floated and didn’t get ‘soggy’. They put little people in their boats and created masts, floating sides, flags and generally had a load of fun whilst engineering! Super vocabulary came from this too, strongest, weakest, waterproof, sinking, floating, capsize, thick, thin, metal, plastic, card, paper.

Materials have been explored further in their appropriate uses and recycling. What if scissors were made from blue tac? What if our chairs were made from chocolate? We have had a lot to think about and test!

Our Dangerpoint trip was excellent! We met Chaos who showed us what not to do! We had a day of interactive displays showing us what was dangerous inside and outside our homes. We loved Chaos, he was so funny. The bus ride was great too, for some of us it was our first trip on a bus!

We loved having a ‘wheels’ day, bringing a bike or scooter to school was a lot of fun and exercise. We had to think of safety whilst riding our wheels and enjoyed showing each other our skills. We later thought of how we would teach Chaos how to be safe if he rode a bike!

Thank you parents and families for all your support this term already. It has been very busy but so much fun. We are looking forward to the next few weeks before a well deserved half term! Mrs John :)