Branwen 8th November 2019

What a lovely week we have had returning from half term. It all started with the history linked to bonfire night and we learnt all about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. We thought about what fireworks looked like and went outside to draw fireworks on the yard. The designs were beautiful and some pupils worked together through choice. Mrs Biddle and I loved listening to the pupils discussing their designs and asking each other for feedback on their creations. Da iawn pawb. Following this we explored bonfire night poetry through a senses poem. We worked together and independently to create our poems describing what we feel, taste, see, hear and smell on bonfire night. We will continue poetry next week where we will concentrate on adjectives using ‘wow’ words.

We independently made rockets in the make it area and used shapes and symmetry on our Maths work. Our construction area in the classroom which is part of our continuous provision has been developed following staff training. It is now a ‘Sustainable Development Construction Area’ and the pupils have really enjoyed exploring ways of creating and using their imagination and engineering skills. It has been a lot of fun and has encouraged personal and social skills, working together, sharing, discussing, planning and perseverance. In P.E we played games and created different shapes including symmetrical pictures using our bodies!

We enjoyed Golden Time, we could choose either the bikes outside or inside creating and playing games. Have a lovely weekend!