Branwen 6th November 2020

A super start to half term! We began the week with oracy, taking it in turns to talk about our half term. We listened carefully to each other and took it in turns. We are all working hard with our mark making, Yr 2 enjoying a cursive writing challenge! Nursery and Reception are gaining control using an appropriate grip on a pencil or writing implement and Yr 1 are trying their best to form letters with correct orientation and formation.

Due to Bonfire night being under Covid restrictions this year, we made sure our pupils had a super Bonfire experience in school! We started with a story all about Guy Fawkes and learning where the Houses of Parliament are in London. Then we embarked on a Bonfire Extravaganza, making a Guy Fawkes, sparklers and a fire. We worked together to create firework pictures on the ground with chalk and then developed a dance around our fire. We enjoyed creating a variety of firework movements and using our sparklers as a prop. We played Handel, Fireworks as our music choice and enjoyed performing our dance. What a special afternoon!

During the week all our pupils made beautiful bonfire pictures onto canvas, these are amazing!

We also made firework apples and discovered how to melt chocolate. I think these will taste good!

In Maths, Yr 2 have worked together to partition tens and units Practically. Yr 1 have been using number lines to count on and back and they will use these next week in their addition and subtraction. Reception have used 2D shapes to create rockets and identified them in their own rocket pictures.

We used the computer to make firework spinners and bonfire pictures. Pupils used the mouse to control the colours and shapes on the spinners. Once they printed them they cut them out and found ways to make them spin using split-pins. A great Science and Technology project!

We are continuing to learn as much as we can outdoors and so if your child has spare wellies please can they have a pair in school. They can be brought in a bag and be put on their peg. Thank you.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!