Branwen 2nd July 2021

Weeks are flying and we are nearing the end of a busy year! Foundation Phase have particularly loved our last Forest School session. The theme was ‘Barefoot Challenge’ and pupils were so brave entering the swishy grass, spiky cones, wormy water and jumping jelly! They were so confident and brave. This was a lovely activity to build self esteem and confidence! Pupils who didn’t fancy it this time had time to watch and chat about feelings and giggle watching their friends facial expressions! We are confident next time they will have a go!

In Numeracy this week, Year 1 and 2 were given a task of creating a game using our playground markings for Reception to Play! Amazing ideas, Numeracy focus and even a name and instructions developed. See the photo below!

We read the beautiful story which had been donated to us by the Diocese, The Song of the Tree by Coralie Bickford Smith. The story is about a little bird who lives in a towering tree:

’Bird loves to sing in the towering tree at the heart of the jungle. It feels like home.

When the season changes she must say goodbye, but she isn't ready to let go’ 2021

Our pupils love this book as much as we do! Not only did the story spark creativity, imagination and a deep level of thinking, it helped Year Reception, 1 and 2 with a Digital Project seen by our Foundation Phase on Seesaw. Pupils had to think about, ‘What really matters?’ Pupils created their own tree and decided what mattered to them in words and illustrations around their tree. They then used an app called ChatterPix to bring their tree to life. They recorded themselves talking about what mattered, very heartwarming as well as a project involving, Language and Literacy, Expressive Arts, Health and Well-being and Science and Technology from our New Welsh Curriculum. Our pupils initial trees they created were tweeted to Coralie Bickford-Smith and she tweeted us back saying our trees were beautiful! A proud moment for Foundation Phase!

We are looking forward to continuing our Digital skills next week using Sphero as well as sample our home grown lettuce and tomatoes as we design and make sandwiches...Yum!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!