Branwen 29th November 2019

We have been so busy since our last blog. In maths we have been adding up to 3 numbers and been measuring using standard and non standard measures. Yr 2 have been learning different measurements of centimetres and metres and Yr 1 and Reception have been using appropriate non standard measures to find the length and height of their own models. It has been fun estimating and finding out if we were close! We have improved our poetry writing this term by developing a bank of ‘wow’ words. Wow words are adjectives and exploring interesting vocabulary meant exploring strange foods to tickle our taste buds! We have mostly enjoyed working in our talking partners to create information needed for our African Animal Factfiles. Our objective was to find research, what the animal looked like, what it ate and what it could do. Pupils created what they found out onto large card. The effort and detail of their research is amazing! They are all now beginning to use their research into creating a fact file. We have been so impressed with Nursery over the last few weeks whilst learning the Christmas concert songs and joining in. Well done!

On Friday Mrs John asked us all to join her in the hall for a special treat. Candles were glowing, a Christmas tree was flashing and there were 3 enveloped addressed to each class. She read us all a lovely story about how the donkey felt carrying Mary to Bethlehem. The story showed kindness, trust and hope.

After the story Ollie was asked to open one of the envelopes and the pupils were given their Christmas ‘Mantle’ challenge! The excitement continued when the pupils discovered our cheeky elves under a box...covered in Janice’s flour! Oops!

We are looking forward to the next 3 weeks of fun!