Branwen 28th June

Our highlight of the week was visiting Wepre Park! We travelled on the bus and picked our friends up from Nercwys. When we arrived, we were met by our ranger who showed us to a beautiful pond. We were given challenges of finding out what lived on the surface, below the surface and at the very bottom of the pond.

We used fishing rods and collected many different living things. The excitement when we caught stickleback fish was amazing! We caught water snails and Jac found a newt!

We then had our lunch sat on the grass outside which was lovely. After lunch we went for a walk to see the river and waterfall. It was great to consolidate our learning from our water topic this term!

At the end of the day we had some fun in the park, singing, playing and eating cakes! What a treat!

On Thursday we wrote a recount of our day out to Wepre Park and next week we are exploring how we create and develop a leaflet to advertise it.

Nursery enjoyed the bikes this week and playing in the sand and water. The water play is becoming very scientific with exploration of pouring speeds and using height to test the speed difference! Bendigedig.

We welcomed Nursery for their extra transition morning on Friday and they were super. It was great to see Toddlers so busy in the hall with all their parents and carers. The focus was ’garden kitchen’ using the play dough. The herbs smelt wonderful!

We are all looking forward to next Thursday 4th July when it is our transition ‘moving up’ day!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!