Branwen 21st June

A lovely week, especially enjoying sports day Without rain! It can sometimes be overwhelming when all our families are watching us, but Mrs John was very proud of us and we tried our best.

Forest School was focused on using ‘tools safely’. We made pictures onto material hammering leaves and flowers onto it. We watched the colours of the flowers and leaves burst onto the material so delicately! Some of us are continuing this next week.

We used our Numeracy skills to apply money. We had to solve problems and find out costings of boat rides. It was fun and a bit tricky!

Friday morning was all about team work. Nursery pupils worked with Reception and Yr 1 and created a shower using pipes and blocks! some were brave enough to even try it out!

4th July will be our transition moving up day so we are looking forward to welcoming our new Nursery and Reception pupils on that day! We are also holding an open morning on the 28th July so we are looking forward to welcoming families then.

Enjoy the weekend!