Branwen 18th June 2021

The weeks are flying by! We have made the most of the weather and not only been team building in a variety of ways outside, we have enjoyed Forest School activities and Sports Day!

In Language we have loved listening to our class book, The Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. The suspense has kept us on our toes! We have also read The song of the Tree. This was a book donated to us from the Diocese. It’s beautiful and inspired our language work along with expressive arts whilst creating ‘adjective trees’.

In Numeracy Year 2 have been learning all about column addition. Year 1 have been expanding their number skills to 20 and will begin partitioning 2 digit numbers next week. Reception and Nursery have been continuing to recognise and understand the value of numbers to 10 and addition using Numicon.

In P.E we have been practising athletic events ready for sports day which we held on Wednesday afternoon. It was strange not having the juniors with us and very quiet without our families there. All that considered we had so much fun and we tried our very best! We all had lots of stickers and Mrs John has promised ice pops next week as a treat. We do hope that restrictions will ease by our next sports day 2022 so our families can join us. For this year we hope you enjoyed watching us on Seesaw.

Forest School has been focused around minibeasts, making and creating them out of clay, finding them in the forest and identifying them. We have been mud painting and made beautiful wings using grasses and leaves, buttercups and dandelions. The birds have been spoilt with yummy feeders which the pupils lovingly made using lard, mealworms and bird seed. Next week will be a barefoot trail, we can’t wait!

Next week we are going to discuss, ‘What really matters?’ Watch this space with our suggestions and ideas.

Every week we are working hard on our speaking and listening skills with our ‘Talking Partners’. It is a fun way of communicating and developing our skills with support from a friend.

We are looking forward to the last few weeks of term and enjoying the lovely weather whilst learning outside. We are hoping to enjoy some of our potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce before we break up for the summer holiday! A big happy Fathers Day to all our lovely Dad’s and Grandad’s for this Sunday!